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S2KI FAQ's, DIYs, and Maintenance!

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Muy buenas,
Me acabo de topar con ésto y creo que no lo teníamos:

FAQ's, DIYs, and Maintenance!

Other Helpful FAQ's
** Key Torque and Volume Specs - by Bob A (SD) **
S2000 Fact List by Model Year
---UTH Changes on the MY06, Differences from MY00-MY05---
•Does your S2k have a misfire?
•Misfire Troubleshooting
•Spark Plug replacement
•Engine Oil Change How To with Pics
•DIY Compression Testing - w/ Pics
•DIY Fuel Pump Install with Pics
•How-To Clear a CEL / Clear the ECU / Clear Maintenance Required Light / ReLearn ECU
•"MAP Whack" How-To
•Throttle Position Sensor Jacked?, save over $400 -Thanks S2Kart
•Honda OEM Oil Filter Summary
•Engine almost stalls at a stop. Engine idle drop/studder/bog.
•How To Clean IAC Valve: Pictures
•Valve Adjustment Information courtesy of Destiny2002
•Valve adjustment thread by "Nibble"
•Oil Jet Banjo Bolt Install
•Hondata Heatshield Instructions courtesy of marcucci
•Cusco Catch Can Install, With cruise control custom bracket -- courtesy of spoiled@21
•FPR Gauge install for Comptech SC - DIY - Thanks to swtazn97
•DIY starter replacement --By krazik
•Replacing the PCV valve--thanks to iNetForce
•Timing Chain Tensioner Removal & Replace thread
•Timing Chain Tensioner DIY - Replacement and Repair
•Timing Chain Tensioner Sound Clip and alternative link DIY
•How To Replace Knock Sensor: Courtesy of nibble
•Throttle Cable Replacement DIY
•Valve Retainer Replacement DIY
•How to Locate and Replace a Knock Sensor
•How to check your retainers, Leakdown, and Compression test your motor
•AEM V.2 Installed w/Pictures courtesy of Chiung
•J's Racing Tsuchinoko Intake Install, DIY
•K&N S2000 FIPK Installation, K&N Generation II FIPK Intake - courtesy of Zeniac
•So I tested the umbrella theory on my CAI, V2 vs. rain with pics -- courtesy of moike
•Carbon fiber cooling plate/airguide install
•How to remove your stock exhaust
•T1R 70R Sparrow Exhaust Install
•Mugen Header, Thermostat, Fanswitch install with pics
•Another One
•2007 DIY Tanabe Exhaust Install
•Mechanical O2 Simulator - Antifouler - Test Pipe CEL Fix (MY04/05 and Down...sorry MY06+)
•Another Antifouler DIY
•Rebuild Transmission
•Transmission Fluid Change DIY By: kingbriani
•Sticky/Rough/Squeaky Clutch Pedal Fix w/ Pics - dbzerk
•Aftermarket Clutch Replacement Information
•Clutch Replacement Instructions, Sorry No Pics
•Solution for "RINGING" shifter Courtesy of SilverSurfer.
•'03 clutch slave cylinder install on '04 -- courtesy of Elistan
•04-05 slave cylinder modification (PIC), Delay removal from existing slave cyl -- courtesy of billman250
•Clutch Pedal Feels Stiff
•Clutch interlock bypass
•Clutch master cylinder replacement
•Car pulling under acceleration
•Information on Wheel Alignments
•Brake Pad Information
•DIY Brake Pad Change Tutorial courtesy of cthree
•DIY Rear Brake Caliper Rebuild
•Wilwood BBK Installation Instructions
•hecash's DIY Brake Ducting System courtesy of cbender and hecash
•DIY brake ducting, (yes, yet another brake ducting variant) - courtesy of mikegarrison
•DIY brake hose replacement, external site with pics - courtesy of mikegarrison
•Simple brake bleeding procedure thanks to Billman
•Rear Hub/Bearing Removal and Install (as well as descriptions, symptoms and consequences of a bad bearing)
•Replacing a Wheel Stud, im screwed?
**Removing front axles... anyone done it (I must replace my studs)
** wheel studs, how hard are they to take off?
•DIY rear control arm replacement (anti-bumpsteer), with pics, external site courtesy of mikegarrison
•Inner CV joint swap DIY with pics
•1-piece Driveshaft Spacer Install (READ THIS FIRST)
•Differential swap DIY
•Tips on how to install/take out springs (pics) - courtesy of "What The!?"
•coilover install, KW suspension - courtesy of gfacter
•DIY: Spring and Shock Installation, Eibach springs and Koni Yellows -- courtesy of "rhood"
•DIY Chassis Lube Info courtesy of Road Rage
•Cross Drilled and Slotted rotor info
•Tein Flex Coilovers DIY
•How to reset ABS light
•DIY Compliance Bushings
•Setting Stock Radio
•How to add a 12V accessory socket NVMY4N
•How To Hardwire Cruise Control - if you have an Aftermarket Steering Wheel
•Soft Top Speed Sensor Bypass (For "Top Down While Moving" Mod - courtesy of SC_Highlander and Modifry
•Location of OBD Ports
•How To Fix: Loose OEM 12v Source - courtesy of s2khondas
•Mulder's AP1 Headlight Mod courtesy of Mulder
•Adjusting headlights
•Grounding Kits - some interesting information
•VAFC Install for Dummies
•VAFC Setting Library
•Mugen ECU Discussion
•Q & A on AEM EMS courtesy of Horsepower Freaks
•How to install "factory-like" Daytime Running Lights on S2000s without factory DRLs.
•DIY: Shift Light Installation
•How to install AEM UEGO wideband.
•Fix (possibly temporary) for the auto-down window problem courtesy of XaznX
•Auxillary passenger door unlock by: Modifry
•Digital gauge radio door assembly installation
•How to make AC turn off when set to defrost
•How to install Hella #85115 Supertone horns
•Mods, maintenance and your warranty
•Cleaning dome light contacts
•DIY Fender Roll
•OEM top replacement
•OEM Hardtop installation
•DIY: Vented Aluminum Hood - GEARHEAD
•Hardtop Striker replacement
•How-To Install OEM Hardtop w/ Pics - courtesy of sireousrex
•Water leak in the trunk repair
•DIY:Windshield Tape Removal w/ Pics
•Robbins glass soft top install
•DIY trunk replacement
•AP2 to AP1 rear bumper retrofit
•Carbon Fiber Hood Installation Tips
•MY02 Top Replacement on MY00 and 01 S2000s courtesy of Clovis
•Almost Complete List of 2004 Conversion How-to's -- thanks to keith_seo
•DIY: '04 Front End Conversion, lots of pics! 56K beware! -- courtesy of thatguyjosh
•Door Panel Removal courtesy of dlq04
•Door window glass replacement
•DIY, How to replace window regulator, motor
•how-to, side mirrors removal, for cs mirrors and such.
•Mugen SS front bumper install (pics) -- courtesy of smccurry
•Paint codes
•Mulder's Modified Headlights
•Comptech Supercharger vs Vortech Supercharger Debate
•Supercharger & Aftercooler Install for Dummies
•Accessory belt sizes, Superchargers, other additions/deletions
•DIY: Fuel Pressure Guage Install For Comptech Supercharger
•Remove/Replace Differential
•Diff Fluid Change
•Gear Calculator
Even after years of this info being out there, some folks are still getting gooned with regards to Honda supplying the WRONG DIFF FLUID! This is important enough that I thought it worthy to put up here. Take a look at these and BE CAREFUL! .....
•4.77 install specs and subsequent observations here.
•4.57 Final Drive gear specs - post yours here with your impressions
•Yellow Box wiring
•Yellow Box Settings?, I'll show you mine, if you show me yours -- Started by "Stratocaster"
•MY01, MY04 and CompTech diffs, Photos showing the differance -- courtesy of Stratocaster
•J's Differential (Gears, LSD, Distance Collar0 DIY -- courtesy of ShocK
•DIY: Dash light bulb replacement
•DIY: Cusco 6pt Rollcage Installation
•DIY:Cusco/Safety21 5 point roll bar installation!
•How to Remove Dash Shelf in MY'06 and Later - by s2k_redhead
•Heated seat install
•Lowering The Driver's Seat
•Changing the A/C Micron Filter (Cabin Air Filter)
•The CG-Lock! What a sweet product!, Review and Install Instructions -- courtesy of KrazyKarim
•Steering Wheel Removal/Aftermarket install, SPLASH hub & QR / OMP wheel / 75pics -- courtesy of Rusler Firbrand
•neon light footwell DIY install -- courtesy of Wisconsin S2k
•radio door install
•How To: Install Hardtop Strikers -- courtesy of Bryant
•Adjustable Roof Catches DIY - courtesy of Shopman
•Seat Side Bolster Repair DIY
•DIY MY00-01 Leather Center Console
•DIY - Radio Door Pins, Removal & Replacement
•TSB Information
•Mods, maintenance and your warrantyHID lighting info website
Winter Storage:
•Winter Storage Tips - By: OhioRacer

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